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Friday, September 23, 2011

Today is the first day of fall! We just love spending time with friends and family during this great season. It’s time to break out the retro candy, turn up the nostalgia, and start having some fun! After all, the cooler air and golden leaves don’t mean that you have to stop enjoying family activities. Whether or not you’re outdoors enjoying the foliage, there are some great fall-themed activities that every generation in the house will love. You can find your inspiration for family fun in the coming holidays, rich colors, and fall sports.

Fall Bike Picnic
Take a leisurely bike ride to a local park with a small picnic area. You can get your family outdoors to enjoy a crisp afternoon, and get back in time before anyone gets too cold. Just pack a small picnic with drinks, sandwiches, fruit, and some delicious candy treats. Carry the picnic along in a backpack for easy transportation.

Leafy Pictures
While you’re enjoying the picnic, spend some time gathering leaves. You can create pictures that everyone will love. Have everyone draw a picture that uses a leaf—like a cartoon using the leaf as the hair. Glue the leaf onto the paper and let it dry. You can even glue some overlapping leaves to create some beautiful autumn mosaics. This is a great activity to do while enjoying some retro Woodstock candy!

From all of us here at Woodstock Candy, enjoy autumn!

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