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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The older someone gets, the more likely it is that they'll be the recipients of gag gifts. Practically any point after the age of 21 is fair game, though 50 is when the "Over The Hill" gag gifts really start to roll in. However, gag gifts for 65th birthday parties are ones that really take the cake, so to speak.

Making Light of the Reaper

Death plays a central theme in many of the gag gifts for 65th birthday goers. For instance, presents in the shape of little graves or tombstones is a popular decoration. Additionally, gifts like a death certificate, either with a blank date or with an already figured out date and time of death. Get out of death free cards, or certificates for coffins and purchases thereof can all be used as gag gifts.

Poking Fun at Old Age

These kinds of gifts are particularly common when someone starts getting up there in years. Jars of candy labeled "memory pills" are common, as are things claiming to be for incontinence, erectile dysfunction and others. Whether it's jellybeans or chocolate though, these pills can make tasty treats when it's time to relax and munch a bit. Other jokes like magnifying glasses turned into sets of bifocals, telephones with huge buttons and "smart phones" that have a rotary dial are all the kinds of gags that people might give to their parents, or to other friends that have finally hit that 65 years old mark.

Out Dated Technology

It's also considered a particularly amusing gag to give the gift of outdated technology that no one can actually use anymore. Gramophones (or it could be a “Gramma-phone, if the recipient is actually your grandmother) for instance, or really dusty record players, still with the dust on them, are good openers. VCRs, 8 track tape players or Laserdisc players also fit into this particular category of gag as well. However, it's important to draw the line and make sure that the joke can be funny on multiple levels if possible. For instance, if someone still has laserdiscs, then a laserdisc player would make both a fine legitimate gift, as well as an amusing joke. It's always a good idea to have gifts of multiple layers if it's possible.

"Travel" Packages

Something that should be very clear that it's a joke is to find "travel" brochures, in the form of senior rest homes. This can sometimes be going a little too far, so it's important that if you're going to go with this particular gag gift that you do so with the full knowledge of how well the recipient will take it.

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