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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The 50th Birthday! Oh, my, how old! How old are you exactly? Why, half a century old! The 50th birthday is a very special event in a person’s life. When taken in that context, this person has been alive for a very long time, and has probably had a lot of experiences over their privileged time on this planet. But this would make a 50th birthday for a loved one somewhat daunting and challenging, right? What could possibly be some great ideas for 50th birthday gifts? A lot of factors are involved, taking into account the person’s interests, gender and relationship to you, the buyer. The most important thing about buying a good birthday gift is to ensure that it will be something that your loved one will treasure for the rest of their geriatric lives.

Good ideas for 50th birthday gifts can be narrowed down by the person’s interests. Your mom, dad, grandmother, or grandfather naturally has his or her own personnel hobbies and interests. It would be worth taking into account what these people like to do for fun, like to eat, or even a favorite event or brand of item. Candy, such a pralines, caramel popcorn, or even chocolate make great and tasty gifts that may surprise and catch your 50 year old loved one by surprise. Other ideas include fishing equipment; nostalgic things from when they were growing up, such as music or retro imagery, are often great selections. Perhaps even looking into purchasing tickets to travel to a place that your 50-year-old loved one has always wanted to visit could be a clever alternative to typical and predictable birthday gifts.

Gender is a big factor when coming up with ideas for 50th birthday gifts. The greatest epiphany of humanity as a whole is when we all wake up one day and realize that men and women are just not the same. We look different, act different and as befits such an epiphany, we like different things! Masculinity is no doubt focused around the typical stereotypes (while keeping in mind that everyone is unique). So if your 50 year old loved one is into cars, naturally it is easy to determine that car-related stuff is the way to go.  Likewise, if your 50-year-old mom has a green thumb, flowers and other potable plants are clearly expert level choices when selecting the gift you want.  But we all love to eat, so a tasty, exotic or retro treat from back in the day is always appreciated.  The unique taste of old school candy can evoke thoughts from a delicious past.

Now naturally, relationship is important. Moms and dads hitting their 50th birthday should be reminded consistently of their age, even if they don’t think so. Look into getting them trinkets, such as mugs with the number 50! written on them. The ideas for gifts are as numerous as there are 50-year-old people on this Earth. So don’t be shy, go ahead and remind them of their extended tenure on the planet – and bring back some sweet memories!

by: Woodstock Candy


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