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Thursday, May 16, 2013
Thirty is no longer considered old, but it is old enough. For some, the idea of their life just starting is exciting and for others, they plan to be 29 forever. No matter what, it is still a milestone birthday and needs to be celebrated. So what kind of ideas are there for 30th birthday gag gifts for women?

There are the traditional coffee mugs and clothing items with sayings on them. The sayings very depending on if your “Birthday Woman” is happy about her birthday or not so happy. There are party buttons as well. But you know you can do better than that!

Do you want to be a little more creative with your gag gift? If your birthday woman is not happy about turning 30, make a bouquet of 30 lollipops and attach a tag that says “30 SUCKS”. For a woman who is sweet on turning 30, fill a box with candy that was popular in the 80s. A bottle of wine with a card or label, which says this too has gotten better with age, would be a creative and sweet gift idea.

Gift baskets filled with popular items from the 80s make good 30th birthday gag gifts for women. Women will remember Aqua Net hairspray and hair scrunchies. Blue eye shadow and hair gel would be good basket fillers. Do not forget the leg warmers and a pair of mismatched earrings. A basket filled with the music and movies from the 80s would certainly be a welcomed blast from the past.

What is a birthday without a new toy? Or in this case an old toy revisited. A Strawberry Shortcake doll, a Care Bear, Smurf doll, or My Little Pony may have her longing for her childhood. A Rubik’s Cube would be fun too. The “Birthday Woman” will not be the only one to want to play with that toy.

There are many books on the subject of turning 30 as well. From advice on everything that should have been done to what to do now that you are 30. Find one that fits the personality of the recipient.

Turning 30 is one of those birthdays that are never forgotten. Gag gifts will help the recipient remember and cherish her day. Depending on the gift, it also helps her to remember the special memories of her childhood. No woman enjoys getting older and definitely does not enjoy admitting that she is getting older, but with fun and thoughtful gag gifts, she will enjoy her day.

by: Woodstock Candy


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