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Monday, October 10, 2011

Sharing a bit of retro candy with a childhood friend is a great way to forget all your responsibilities for a little while and go back in time to when life was simple. It's amazing what a strip of Candy Buttons on Paper or some Pixy Stix can do for your psyche; it will make you feel like a kid all over again! We all can use a little blast from the past now and again, and retro candy is a great way to get there.

You might remember wearing a Candy Necklace when you were a kid, and how sticky your neck would get after you bit off a few of the candy beads. Your neck might even have turned a rainbow of colors from the candy dye settling on your skin. It's easy to relive that experience - all you need is the necklace and your old best friend to share in the fun.

Somewhere in your past you must have had a bar of Bonomos Turkish Taffy that you froze and then took outside to crack into tiny pieces out on the road. A lot of parents today won't let their kids near a road, but when I was young we used to play in it! It's just as easy to smash the frozen taffy on your kitchen counter now that you're an adult. The candy will still melt in your mouth just like it did when you were a kid. Ah, the memories of retro candy!

Other retro candies that might bring back good memories are Wax Bottles, Wax Lips, Fun Dip, Sugar Daddys, and Black Cows.

by: Woodstock Candy


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