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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sometimes kid's birthday parties get out of hand! We think that it’s best to keep things fun and simple with cute retro candy boxes and a few games. Here’s a story from a parent that experienced a really extreme kid's party.

Dear Woodstock Candy,

My five year old son was invited to his friend’s birthday party. When we arrived at the house, we sat that it had a huge courtyard decorated in an ancient Egyptian theme—complete with statues of King Tut and pyramids! There was also a scavenger hunt (with clues written on real papyrus, no less), a face painter, a balloon figure maker, a magician, a swimming pool (complete with lifeguard), a cotton candy machine, a popcorn machine, and a hot dog cart. *whew!*

There was a catered buffet for the adults with two open bars—one for liquor and wine, and one just for beer.

Seems like a lot for a five year old’s party! I like more intimate parties with just a few friends and lots of fun. (My kid prefers it, too!)


Overwhelmed in Oregon

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by: Woodstock Candy


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