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Thursday, November 10, 2011

One of the best 50th birthday party ideas is to have one with a '70s theme. Even though a 50 year old was born in 1961, they lived their teenage years through the 1970s. This time period was pretty lively with the popularity of disco music and outlandish clothing styles. A fifty year old might remember wearing hot pants, fake fur, platform shoes, hip huggers, head bands, tie dye t-shirts, and polyester clothing.
Ask all the guests to wear clothing reminiscent of the '70s. If they don't have any of these styles hanging in their closets, a thrift store is a great place to go shopping.

Of course a teenager's Friday night wouldn't be complete without blasting some disco music on the stereo. Songs like Brick House, Y.M.C.A., Play That Funky Music, Disco Lady and Night Fever were all hits during that decade. Playing music at the party will surely get people in a good mood. Rock music was popular too, although having a birthday party with a disco theme can be a little more nostalgic to this age group.

Before the party, make a collage of photos of the person celebrating their 50th birthday. Ask family members and friends for any old photographs they may have. You can even get pictures from Facebook. Make a time line starting at childhood, and leave room so people can write comments under each photo.

Other 50th birthday party ideas are to have a "roast," as long as the birthday person has a good sense of humor. Line up a few good friends who can plan ahead of what to say. Then have an open mic so some other guests can tell good stories. A party isn't complete without food and decorations, and there are plenty of options for this. Finger food is perfect to serve because you won't need forks and knives. Chips, pretzels, shrimp, wings, meatballs, cheese and crackers, and raw vegetables with dip area all things that people love. A delicious birthday cake is a must, and don't forget the candy!! You can have a huge bowl filled with retro candy that the 50 year old will remember from childhood. For decoration, you can get disco balls, balloons, streamers or anything with a 50th birthday party theme. If you make this a memorable occasion for everyone, you've done your job well!

by: Woodstock Candy


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