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Saturday, November 5, 2011

There is some speculation on how the the Baby Ruth candy bar got its name. There are two sides to the debate. Most people will say that it was named after United States President Grover Cleveland's daughter Ruth who was called "Baby Ruth," because that is what the manufacturer stands by. The candy originally came out in 1920 under the name "Kandy Kake." In 1921, it was changed to "Baby Ruth."

In 1921, Cleveland's daughter had been dead for seventeen years. It seems highly unlikely that the Curtiss Candy Company would name a candy bar after a little girl who had been gone for so many years. But the candy manufacturer assures everyone that the name came from Ruth Cleveland.

Many people think the candy bar was renamed to cash in on the popularity of the famous Yankee baseball player Babe Ruth. In 1921, Ruth broke the record for the most home runs; that was the same year the name of the candy bar changed. It's highly probable that Curtiss Candy Company made up the story on why the candy bar was named "Baby Ruth" so they wouldn't have to pay royalties to Babe Ruth. Even back then, someone was thinking how to make money by capitalizing off of someone else's fame! Here's a list of chocolate bars that have been popular over the years.

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