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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween just ended, and if you hadn't noticed, the stores had Christmas candy on the shelves the very next day. Not only that, this weekend you could find holiday trees, ornaments, and wrapping paper in the stores. You could even listen to Christmas music while you shopped. We just don't get a break in between holidays! It's out with one, and on to the next...

In New York City last week, the Salvation Army had its workers out on the street with their bells. When you hear that unmistakable sound, you know we're in the full swing of Christmas magic. Speaking of Christmas, it's a good time to plan ahead if you're going to need a Santa Claus suit for a party. Maybe you've always wanted to dress up as Santa Claus and just hang out at home, or walk around the neighborhood looking like jolly Saint Nick. You'll just need a sack of gifts and some candy to give to the kids and you'll be set. If you're going to a celebration at your workplace and you've been chosen to be Santa, be sure to be nice to all your co-worker's children! It's an important job, so don't take it lightly...

We have a Plus size Santa Claus suit that comes in XL and fits up to 4XL. It includes a felt coat, pants with a drawstring waist, black belt, beard, wig, hat, and plush-trimmed boot tops. The pants will fit up to a 60" waist. The zippered coat fits up to a 76" chest, and is 33" in length.

Dressing up has never been more fun!

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