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Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's fun to be nostalgic about many things, and that includes candy. For those who can remember candy from the 1950 s, this nostalgia will be very special. It will bring back childhood memories that can also bring back some of the innocence that goes along with being a child.

Anyone who was a child of the 1950s will remember how valuable one penny would be for a trip to the candy store. Usually the trip was a simple walk down the street to a local store. That store would have a sweet person behind the counter who would patiently wait for the child to choose that oh-so-important piece of penny candy. Sometimes it was possible to get two pieces of candy with that valuable penny.

Any child who was lucky enough to have more than one cent would feel rich by just walking into the store and taking plenty of time to make the perfect decision on which candy to buy. Many times that child would even share the extra pennies with some friends so that they could also enjoy a special sweet treat.

Some of the most memorable candy from the 1950 s would include those tasty candy cigarettes. These were the cigarettes that could cause no harm except perhaps a tiny cavity since they were made of sugar. With no tobacco or nicotine in these cigarettes, no parent would worry about their kids starting to smoke.

Those paper-covered Pixy Stix that were just opened and poured into the mouth were another candy from the 1950 s that were a hit with the children. They felt like long straws except that they were filled with a tasty, fruity powder that melted in the mouth. Chewy pieces of candy called Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, or giant taffy, would also be on the top choices list for the child with those pennies. The advantage of the taffy would be that it took more time to chew. This way that penny stretched to be even more important and valuable.  If Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy was put in the refrigerator, one could smack it on a counter while it was still cold and in its’ wrapper, and then open the wrapper to find out that it had shattered into tiny pieces, making it last even longer.

The children of the 1950s would still love those lollipops that came in several different yummy flavors. It was also possible to eat candy that could also be worn, such as the candy necklace, candy lipstick and those silly wax lips that were comical to look at and also great to eat.

Those nostalgic flying saucer movies of the 1950s made Satellite Wafers a super choice for the kids. These came in pretty pastel colors and were made in the shape of flying saucers. The wafers themselves were great tasting and simply melted in the mouth. So many candies from back then could easily melt in the mouth with a soft flavor that still remains in many adult memories of 1950s candy.

Bubble gum was something that kids could never get enough of, and the still famous Dubble Bubble Gum was the top gum of the 1950s. It is still a popular bubble gum of today, and is still purchased by those same children who are adults today.

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