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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Planning a milestone birthday celebration like a fiftieth birthday party can be an exciting event to be part of. Many individuals like to look for fun types of decorations with special notations that can enhance this very memorable occasion. Most will start off with tons of balloons and specially catered favorite foods and decorations, but one thing that will stand out from all the rest, and that would be their all-time cherished candies from their childhood. Imagine baskets filled with these goodies that can be used as centerpieces on each table so no matter where the birthday boy or girl ends up they can be reminded of those great memories.

Bringing back those fond memories of their ‘growing up’ years will surely be an all time favorite and a great conversation piece. Sharing fond memories during this festive time can be a real eye opener for grandchildren as well as other family members attending this event. This can be a time when family traditions can be passed down, learned and valued. Memories from events like these are treasured by family members and talked about for many years to come.

The next order of business would be the type of gift that would be fitting for this landmark date. In some cases these are individuals who have already acquired a multitude of gadgets, cars, and mobile hardware that have accumulated over the years. This can make it very difficult to find that perfect gift, the one that will thrill and tantalize. Most people will say a fantastic gift does not have to be expensive, but would served by a well thought out and meaningful one, that will be much more appreciated because of the thought put into it.

Remember those days when you couldn’t wait to get off school to visit your local neighborhood candy store that had those chocolate cigarettes? With most little boys who wanted to imitate their fathers, this was a way that they could do that safely. A basket filled with those pastel candy buttons that one can peel off the backing paper is another treasured favorite that could be added into this package. Let’s not forget the famous candy necklace that every girl wore and ate while playing jacks or jumping rope!

Bringing out fun toys like silly putty, Mr. Potato Head, paddle ball and the ever popular Slinky can remind one of being a kid at heart. Some say that the best way to stay young is to keep active, exercise and eat right but what about keeping the mind young with great memories of their childhood days? The body can get tired and have aches and pains but the mind is still very active and full of memories of past days that are filled with years of excitement, and those days when there was plenty of energy to do the things they once did as a young spry teenager. Reliving those days with small mementos can be just the right touch for someone who might not have been looking forward to this milestone fiftieth birthday with anticipation, and may also remind them that they have the rest of their life to complete those goals and dreams that they might not yet have accomplished.

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