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Wednesday, May 22, 2013
The right look, for both men and women, boils down to how an outfit is enhanced with accessories. Though different items are used for men and women; it’s those extra touches that help make any outfit seem completely polished and pulled together. Even the most casual look can be made all the more stylish when those just right items are paired with the clothing for a completely personalized and trendy look.

One of the hottest trends that keeps coming back time and time again; and is in full swing lately is the look of the 80's. Though many people jokingly thought the 80's fashion sense of neon, leg warmers, acid wash jeans and big sunglasses went out with the new decade known as the 90's it seems many people simply crave that fun and friendly look that defined that era.

The top accessory item from that unique and fun decade of the past is perhaps 80s style sunglasses. These were key and crucial for everyone during that time and you very rarely saw anyone step foot outside without donning a pair to match their look for the day. The 80's were more about style, color, fun and getting noticed as opposed to functionality and that is what makes that era so beloved.

Men can opt for 80s style sunglasses that bring back memories of fond movies and television shows that brought well dressed and slick celebrities to the forefront of fashion. The 80's ushered in a new era for men where they finally started to care once again about how they dressed and what they looked like. Men in the 80's treasured those wire rimmed aviator sunglasses that gave them a cool, confident and exotic look.

Women in the 80's wore sunglasses to express their sense of style and enhance outfits. This is still true to this day as many women nowadays seek out those 80s style sunglasses as a way to inject a little levity and a sampling of the past in to their current look. In fact, just adding that simple pair of glasses brings memories of the past flooding back for not only the one wearing the glasses but everyone they pass by. Sunglasses were so popular in the 80s there was even a song about them and thus people wore them day and night; no matter where they were, what they were doing, who they were with or how they were dressed.

It is very rare that an era or generation can invoke such fond and fun memories and the 80's are most definitely one of those times. The music, the clothing, the celebrities all had a look and style that was never seen before and has yet to be really replicated. The right sunglasses make any outfit and when you opt for a nostalgic twist for your own look you bring a new sense of style.

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