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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Turning 60 certainly is worth celebrating! Some people get stressed out as they hit this milestone. To help keep it all fun and enjoyable for them, consider some items that can set the tone for the party. There are quite a few gag fits for a 60th birthday that will make a big splash for the occasion. Many of them are inexpensive too so you don’t have to be concerned about the cost.

Inflatable Walker

One of the best gag gifts you can find for this age is an inflatable walker! It is 3 feet tall and every single guest that shows up for the party will definitely notice it! There are fun sayings, too, written all over this item. There is a squeaky panic button and you can fill in the name of the person that turns 60. This gag gift can be purchased for around $11.

Pill Bottle Necklace
For the person turning 60, drape a pill bottle necklace around their neck when they walk in. This is an alternative to a party hat for the older generation. The pill bottle looks realistic too and one more way to tease them about getting older. This is very inexpensive with a price tag of about $2. Yet the many smiles it will create are going to be priceless!

Over the Hill Survival Kit

A great collection of gag gifts for a 60th birthday party is the Over the Hill Survival Kit. It contains a variety of fun items including:

     • Gray hair dye
• Over the hill pills

     • Anti-aging soap
• Set of false teeth
• Dietary fiber

Everyone is going to be giggling about this survival kit that is packed with goodies for someone getting older to really appreciate. This entire kit costs about $15 so it is very affordable and it will be a huge success at the party.

Body Part Replacement Kit
We all laugh about our body parts not working like they should as a person gets older. With this body part replacement kit, you can get a few good laughs. It will also make you feel better about the days when you realize your body isn’t what it used to be. This kit includes:

     • Ear
• Brain

     • Heart
• Kidney

     • Nose

They are each just a few inches tall but when you put them in water, they grow. They will be 600% times their original size!


Adding gag gifts for a 60th birthday party can make it a fun and enjoyable occasion. It will certainly be a milestone event that the individual won’t forget! You can find these gag gifts at local party stores. Shopping online for them will also give you access to a larger selection and allow you to compare prices.

by: Woodstock Candy


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