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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Over the hill is a totally arbitrary way to describe someone's age. A person who is 30 years old might say that 40 is over the hill, while a 50 year old might think that you have to be over 60.
It used to mean that you're past the prime of your life, but today it's used in a fun way to mock someone's age.
There are lots of jokes about age:

Question: Where can a man over 65 find a younger, good looking woman who is interested in him?
Answer: In the bookstore under fiction.

Question: Do people sleep more soundly as they get older?
Answer: Yes, but it's usually in the afternoon.

The tv station sent a reporter to interview a woman on her 90th birthday. "What's the secret to longevity?" he asked. "Simple," she said. "Keep breathing."

When you reach the golden age of over the hill, your secrets are safe with your friends. They'll never share them because they can't remember them.

Two old men were sitting on a park bench. One says, "You know, I'm 85 years old and my body is full of aches and pains. You look like you're my age. How do you feel?"
The other man says, "Oh, I feel like a newborn baby."
"Really," says the first man.
"Yup," says the second one. "No teeth, no hair and I think I just wet my pants."
If you're looking for birthday gifts for old men like these guys, something funny would be the perfect thing.

Over the hill jokes can also mean gag gifts that you would bring to a birthday party.

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