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Tuesday, May 28, 2013
 When people think about giving unique and nostalgic gifts, candy is not always the first thing that comes to mind. Despite this being the case, giving candy as a gift can be extremely rewarding - especially if the gift brings back good memories. Candy is a great way to show someone that they are being thought of without going overboard or being too extravagant. From introducing young people to the candy of yesterday to putting a smile onto an older person's face as they remember counting out their pennies to buy their favorite items, old timey candy brands are ideal for everyone.

Today's candy is totally different from that of years ago. With extensive color and flavor choices, people today have an overwhelming number of decisions to make when it comes to choosing a sweet treat. Having so many choices has not always been the case, and people quickly cultivated favorite choices when visiting their local candy shop or grocery store. Nostalgic candy types include chocolates, mints, fruit flavors and licorice - the same things that are widely available today, but the older varieties being of a  much higher quality. Today's children grew up with Warheads and Skittles, but may not even know what a root beer barrel or candy buttons are. Sadly, it seems that people nowadays choose quantity over quality, which was not the case when many of the retro candies were first available.

Sometimes a nostalgic gift can be enough to completely change a person's mood. Sure, people enjoy getting gifts no matter what they are, but something that reminds them of a previous time can serve many purposes. It can make them think about how they felt or acted "way back when" or it can bring back memories of people and places that they knew or visited. Giving candy is a good way to bring back memories because it will do something for multiple senses at the same time. Seeing, tasting and even smelling a piece of candy could be enough to recall a flood of memories - and bring joy and energy back into a person's life. 

Many older types of candy are not widely produced anymore, and this can make finding them exceptionally difficult. Giving someone a basket filled with the types of candy that they used to enjoy but have not had in a long time will prove that not only have the things that they talk about been understood, but that they stuck with the person that decided to give the gift. Not only will old fashioned candy give them a taste of their past, but it can even allow them to share a bit of that with people that aren't familiar with it. 

The gift of an assortment of nostalgic candies should not be reserved for birthdays or anniversaries - they are perfect for office gifts, get well tokens, or just because. A small look into the past is enough for people to relive it, and having a few pieces of candy to munch on while reminiscing cannot possibly be a bad thing for anyone involved.

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